September 10, 2011

Buying Jeans

When is the last time you bought jeans?

For me, it's been a couple of years. I don't like shopping. AT ALL!

And here is why:

I was in Old Navy shopping for school uniforms pants and shorts about 2 weeks ago and I noticed that the adult jeans were on sale for only $15! At normally $30, this is a great deal so I thought that I would grab a few pairs for Kurt and myself as we are desperately in need of new jeans.

So I wonder over to the female jeans to grab a few. And I stood in a daze at the wall of jeans in front of me. There was The Flirt, The Sweetheart, The Diva and The Dreamer. Then within each of those categories there was "skinny," "boot cut," "trouser" and then there were color choices. Then you had to find your size. WHAT?

I just wanted a pair of jeans. When did buying jeans become so complicated? Seriously!

So I grabbed a few different styles, colors, sizes and wandered to the fitting room. I happened to find a style, color and size that fit me so I bought a few of that one type.

Whew! Survived another shopping trip. Now it may be a few years before I attempt it again. By then all the styles, colors and sizes will all change again. Yikes!

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