August 5, 2011

More adorable cuteness

Napping buddies

1st bath - he did great

Love those legs!
So cute!

Sometimes he sleeps in this really light sleep where his eyes are open and moving around and the funniest thing is that he smiles and laughs in his sleep. I managed to catch a very small laugh. It is 20 seconds into the video and very small but so cute. Sometimes he does like a belly laugh. It is so funny. At least he is dreaming of happy things!


Judie and George said...

He's so cute and looks great! I hope you are feeling great too.

Truman Family said...

He made me laugh!! What a darling baby.

Snelson Family said...

The video is so sweet, I love it when they dream like that!!!

The UnMaintained Family said...

He IS SO HANDSOME (cute onesie), just like his daddy. He does look a lot like Kurt! But when I saw that smile... Oh, there's so much Jenny in that smile!! He's a-dor-a-ble!

Lisa and Brian said...

He is precious. Congratulations!