February 14, 2011

It's a . . . It's a . . .

You didn't think I was just going to tell you that easily, did you?

So a few years ago I heard of this company that you can have the gender of your baby sent to and they will make a cake - blue on the inside for a boy and pink for a girl. You then have a "party" and cut into the cake to find out what you are having. I thought it sounded fun but at the time didn't think we would be having any more babies.

Originally, we were going to have the kids stay home and Kurt and I would come home and make a cake and let the kids cut into it to find out what the baby was. Then plans changed and the girls wanted to go with us so we decided to invite friends over for dessert and have our "Grand Cutting" to announce the gender of our baby. Being Valentine's Day, we weren't sure how many could come but we ended up with way more turn out than we expected - so cool!

So I have made you wait long enough.
Drum roll please!

Our baby is a:


Evan is going to get his little brother! We are very excited and happy. Kurt, of course, is claiming he knew so all along and why didn't I believe him?

And yes, eating blue cake is weird and gross looking but it still tasted good!

So here is our Trevor:
(And yes, it is going to be Trevor. After all this time, we just can't name him anything else).

Face shot
(looks way better in person - the photo of the photo doesn't do it justice)
Cute little foot with his toes!
He was a little stinker too for his ultrasound. He had his legs crossed so we couldn't tell what he was. She did a little wiggling of the wand on my stomach and he moved his legs but kept one foot in the way. Finally she got a good shot. He also wouldn't move into a position for her to get a profile shot. He wouldn't drink anything for her to get a shot of his stomach either. She went out to check the schedule and luckily I was the last one so she had more time to spend trying to get him to do what she needed. She had me walk around and drink MORE water (after I had already emptied most of my bladder because it was going to EXPLODE!). She then got the profile shot and one of his stomach that she wasn't thrilled with. She said I might get called back to get a better shot of his stomach - oh, bummer. I might have to go back and see my baby some more!

Oh, and the best part - he was playing with his toes!!! It was so cute! She had me roll onto my side hoping that it would get him to move into a better position but all it did was make it easier for him to reach for his toes. It was absolutely adorable! He kept grabbing them.

Seriously, I could have stayed there all day watching him!

Welcome to the family Trevor!

We love you!


Honor said...

So exciting! congratulations. just looking at your photos makes me so anxious.

yay for Baby Trevor!!

Melissa said...

Hooray!! Congratulations! I love having 2 & 2, makes it really convenient. Love the cake idea.