March 23, 2010

A Day of Blessings

Yesterday was an amazing day! A huge turn around from the last few months.

As you can guess, the landscaping market is not so hot right now. Actually it has been rather awful. During the month of January, we had NO work. I mean zip, zero, zilch, NADA! It was quite scarey!

February was ok. We got a few small jobs so at least our guys were working again. Unfortunately though these jobs had to be put on hold after the initial tear-out and concrete installation because we need to get rocks out of a field in the Red Bluff area and the weather just has not cooperated. Finally we have had a lot of consecutive dry days and they should be able to get the rocks out on Thursday.

March has been better. We have had a lot of leads come off of a booth Kurt installed at a new car wash right next to our office. The phones have been ringing and we have been delivering bids but not a lot of people are signing.

But yesterday takes the cake. We got 4 (FOUR!) contracts signed in one day!


That is just amazing. We have been so blessed! Thank You Heavenly Father!

Now we are going to go from one extreme to the other; meaning: from no work to having way too much work as we already have 3 jobs waiting for us (the ones waiting for rocks). So we are going from no guys working all the month of January and no guys working the last 2 weeks to 7 jobs all screaming for our attention. THIS IS AWESOME!

I will gladly take this problem over the alternative!

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