March 20, 2010

Approaching panic mode

Anyone that has been over to our house inevitably comments on what is on top of our fridge. At any given time there is between 20 - 30 boxes of brownie mix.

Yes, 20-30 BOXES of brownie mix - aka: Kurt's food storage!

The boy LOVES his brownies! (Actually it's the batter he loves the most.) He will drive 15-20 minutes away to buy ONLY brownie mix. He buys it by the case (10 per case) and the cases sit on top of our fridge (who has the cupboard space for that much brownie mix?) The store checkers will usually ask him if he is doing a bake sale and he replies "nope, it's all for me!" Crazy boy!

His "theory" (besides the fact that he loves brownies) is that in an emergency brownies will become the new "currency". When everyone else is tired of their wheat, beans, rice, etc., brownies will become a hot commodity. I have told him that he needs to have eggs, oil and a working oven to make the brownies but he says those are just minor details.

So why are we approaching panic mode? We are down to only 3 mixes left. Yes, I said 3. This is a serious crisis here people! I mean what would we do if we had an emergency today? How would we survive with only 3 mixes?

Hopefully the budget will soon once again support our brownie food storage and we can replenish our load. Spending $20-$30 on brownie mix just doesn't fit in the budget right now. Until then we will just have to make due with only 3 mixes. Man, this will be tough!


Nikki said...

I sooooo get him. I only eat the mix, and then when I'm done I cook them for the rest of the family. By the way, where does he get a case at? I am partial to the Duncan Heins brand at Wal-Mart. You can tell Kurt that there are powdered eggs he can get for food storage and they don't affect the taste at all. So, brownie mix, powdered eggs and oil, (you don't need the oven because the dough is so good) I think that's a perfect food storage solution.

Melissa said...

We like the Betty Crocker mix, Dark Chocolate, but the regular is good too. Winco regularly puts them on sale for a buck a box. You can also get them in the 10 for 10 sales too, at regular stores.

B and Jessica said...

He is not alone. We have a shelf in our food storage who's sole purpose is to accomodate my brownie fetish. I just replenished it. When your last three mixes are gone, come see me.

Truman Family said...

HI Aunt Jen!
That is exactly how we feel about our food storage that isn't wheat or rice. We have those quic bread mixes and sugar cereals. We are at all time low levels too, but that's because we are moving soon, and we can't move the food storage too. Hope there's no emergencies!
Truman Family
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Paul White said...

What happened to the oreo cookies?? are they a side dish now to the brownies or are the brownies the NEW OREO'S