February 27, 2010

The blasting has been postponed

I cancelled my scheduled kidney stone blasting appointment that was supposed to be Monday. I was referred to this urologist by my primary and since the first appt with him (the urologist) we have not been happy/comfortable with him. We switched insurances (and therefore all our doctors) in January and we couldn't figure out if we felt funny because it is a new medical group and we were out of our "comfort zone" or if we felt funny because something wasn't right.

I had my pre-op appt on Wednesday and sitting in the waiting room we just didn't like what we heard going on behind the desk; like the mentality or professionalism or ??? Something was off. Plus, the pre-op info giving nurse was clueless, not a good sign. Then when we were in the lab doing my pre-surgery lab work, Kurt about lost it when the guy behind the counter called someone "dude". He wasn't impressed with the level of professionalism and it seemed that no one took their job seriously or something. On the way home we called a guy from our church in the medical field to see if he had heard of this dr. He wasn't home so we left a message.

I kept thinking we were just out of our comfort zone and that we should go ahead with it but Kurt really didn't feel comfortable doing it. Friday morning the wife of the guy from church called to see if she could help me with something because her husband was out of town in Florida for conferences. I explained the situation and she absolutely said I should cancel the appt and not use that dr. WHAT? She does a lot of medical transcription for her husband and knows a lot about a lot of different drs. and she said this was one of a few that she would absolutely not recommend. WOW!

Ok, so I called immediately and cancelled the appointment. Kurt was so relieved! I should have listened to him and his gut but I was just thinking we felt weird because it was all different and new to us. The husband actually called me on one of his breaks to talk to me about it too. What a great guy! He gave me the names of some urologists who he would recommend.

So the blasting of my HUGE stone will have to wait. Passable stone are 5 mm or smaller. The pre-op clueless nurse said she usually sees them 8-9 mm. My bad boy is 15 mm. Yikes!

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