February 24, 2010

Are you a "trigger puller?"

This is a term Kurt and I use when we want to describe someone who: takes chances, is SPONTANEOUS, creative, not afraid to make the jump and try new things. They act on their ideas - make things happen. They don't think that there are "failures", just learning experiences.

The people who don't "pull the trigger" are called "non-trigger pullers" (obviously!). I fall into this category. I like consistency, predicability, routine. I like to know what to expect, I like to plan things out and I definitely don't like to fail at something or have something turn out to have been a "wrong decision."

And guess where Kurt falls? Yep, I married the most trigger happy guy I know. Although we do have a few friends and family that come close. And when Kurt mixes with them, adventure is never far behind.

The great thing is that Kurt and I balance each other out. He pulls me out and gets me to try new things and I calm him down and reel him in from trying every single idea that pops into his mind.

2007 was a year of pulling some big triggers. Some were good and some, well, lets just say, were "not so good." (And what do you know - I am still alive! See I can survive "wrong decisions"!) Well, apparently 2010 is going to be another year of pulling the trigger.

The first trigger was a really fun one. We had friends spend the night on New Years Eve and the next morning the husbands (both trigger pullers) got talking. The wives (both non-trigger pullers) tried to derail the train but with no luck. Within 2 hours we had 3 families and 2 camping trailers packed and on the road. I think that has got to break some record, don't you? We went to Dillons beach and had a great time.

The second trigger we have pulled this year was a biggie. We decided to homeschool the girls and pulled them out of public school. Yes, some people think we are crazy. Yes, we have thought "what have we done?" and yes, we have thought "are we doing the right thing?". Kurt and I both received a very strong answer to our prayers and we have faith that we have made the right decision. So the big question is WHY? Well, long story short: our sweet Kayla has some struggles with anxiety and the anxiety was leading to focusing issues and the focusing issues were leading to getting behind in work and getting behind in work was causing her to think everyone else was smarter than her which just put more pressure on her and caused more anxiety which took her self esteem and ran it over, it was DEAD! She would SOB, not cry, but SOB every night and Kurt or I would have to lay with her. It was really not a healthy situation so we decided this would be better and so far it is a lot better. She now goes to bed without crying, without Kurt or I laying with her, she is happier during the day, her confidence is growing and she is thriving again. What a blessing! We are enjoying it and finally getting into a routine.

The third trigger we pulled just happened within the last 3 days. So I am sure you can imagine that running a household, running a business and now running a "school" (by the way, Kurt says he is the principal! ha ha) is a lot to do for one person. So tonight a nanny moved in with us! I know, crazy, uh? Sunday morning, we had never thought of this ever happening but Sunday night, a trigger was pulled! Her name is Christina and she is a student at a local JC close to our house. She will help watch the kids a few hours a day so I can get the office work done and she will help me stay on top of household chores (which have been severly neglected lately!). I am very excited and think this will be a great arrangement! She is such a sweetie and it turns out that I used to work with her grandma, like 11 years ago! What a small world!

Whew, what a year and it is only February. Wonder what else is in store for us this year?


Truman Family said...

Hi Aunt Jen!
It sounds as if you've had a great year so far, even if a lot of things have been spontaniously done. That is what helps life be exciting though. We hope you have a great time homeschooling. Our dad is the principal too, although it is pretty much mom who worcs things out. Love, the Truman Family

Nikki said...

Good for you getting a nanny. Another lady I know that homeschools her 6 kids has a housekeeper. Once you take on that additional roll, you almost have to have some hired help. I think you'll be a great educator Jenn, good luck (and no funny buisiness with the principal)!

If you ever want to take a field trip to the farm, let me know