January 31, 2010

December and January?????

Does anyone know where those 2 months went?

They just flew by!

December was basically spent in and out of the hospital with my mom. She had a rough month. On the 7th she had her first chemo-embolization treatment which she didn't respond well to at all. She spent the next 2 weeks in and out of the hospital trying to manage her pain. She was home for about 8 days before she got a flu bug (or something) on Christmas day. She was back in the hospital in the ER on the 27th.

Kurt and I did our Christmas shopping all in one night on the 23rd. Nothing like waiting til the last minute! It was a small Christmas this year so the shopping was pretty easy and quick, thank goodness!

January started off very fun. On New Years eve we had friends spend the night with us (even though they live 5 minutes from our house). We put the kids to bed and then stayed up all night playing Wii. We had a great time. Well, the next morning the husbands got a crazy idea to go camping . . . that day! The wives, of course, where not quite as excited for such a quick trip but somehow, and we still can't figure out how, we ended up leaving within 2 hours. Thats right - 3 families, 2 camping trailers, all pack and out the door within 2 hours. That was by far the fastest, most spontaneous camping trip ever! It was quick too - only 1 night but we had a GREAT time! Pics to follow at a later time (too tired tonight).

Mixed in through Dec and Jan were several dr. visits, CT scans and numerous labs for me. Oh, the fun. More details to follow on that one as well.

In January my mom had her 2nd chemo-embolization treatment and we were prepared for the worst this time. Fortunately, it was unneeded preparation - THANK GOODNESS! The section of the liver they treated this time was smaller so they only had to use about 1/2 the chemo they did the first time so she recovered much faster. And, as you know from my last post, she is doing AMAZING! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

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Nikki said...

You left too many dangling carrots. Please do fill in. PS did you do the home show?