June 1, 2009

Life is never dull!

Last night we went to some friend’s house for dinner. They have 3 boys almost exactly the same ages as our kids and their house was so clean! How does she do it? I have no idea but it was very impressive. So when we came home, I looked around our house and realized that, well, it just wasn’t clean. So today I have been on a mission to clean our house. It is almost 2:30 and I only have the kitchen and family room done. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought!! Ha ha!

Anyways, Evan has been my little helper in-between playing outside and upstairs in the toy room. Earlier he managed to go outside without me hearing him (I did have the music cranked a bit loud so this wasn’t too hard) and when I couldn’t find him in the house, I quickly found him outside.

So a little bit ago I realized I had not heard or seen him in awhile. I knew he was upstairs because I was in the family room and he had not walked by me to go outside. I went upstairs to find him but he was no where to be seen. I called for him – no answer. I looked out the window to see if he was outside - nope. I couldn't find him anywhere! Where could he possibly have gone? Before a full fledge panic sent in, I decided to calmly look around once more.

Can you see him?
(Please ignore the messy toy room!)

How about if I zoom in a bit?

Thank goodness my eagle-eyes were able to spot the little toes sticking out from behind the pillow!

Isn't he just so sweet? All conked out under the pillow.

Can you imagine the panic that would have followed had I not spotted the toes?

That would have been one embarrassing 911 call!


Honor said...

that's so cute when they fall asleep in random places. glad you found him!

Melissa said...

I actually had to call 911 on Mason once. He crawled under Delaney's crib, found a binky, wedged himself between a bin of baby clothes and the wall and promptly fell asleep. I couldn't find him for a good 45 min. I searched the rooms 3 times, the cops searched when they got there, I yelled for him all through the house and we didn't find him till he woke up crying. I could've killed him, but was so glad he was still there! Boys!

Paul White said...

classic find!!!

Lisa and Brian said...

That was a good "I Spy" puzzle. I had a hard time solving it. Good thing you did. I think my house is not as clean as other mom's homes, although I am good at faking it.