June 23, 2009

Just a little recap

If it weren't for our cell phones, we wouldn't have any pics. We never have our camera with us and so everything has been caught on our cell phone cameras lately.

It is only the 2nd week of summer but so far we feel like we have done so much. Here is a quick (ya right) recap:

Can you tell who is who?

Hailey wanted her hair cut short like Kayla's and ever since we cut it we can't tell them apart. If Kayla didn't have that 1-2" on Hailey, they would be identical from the back. People with twins must get asked a lot if their kids are twins because we get asked ALL THE TIME if the girls are twins and they are almost 2 years apart! It just happened again today at the grocery store. Hailey has always been in like the 80th percentile and Kayla has always been in like the 20th so put them together and they are almost the same size. It's crazy!

I can't remember where this is (remember it has only been 2 weeks - that's sad!) but look at how well mannered our kids are!
Kayla is our little potion specialist. I don't know what she made here but if you look closely you can see Sid from Ice Age apparently bathing in this concoction. I wonder if it reduces stress, aging, wrinkles? I might have to have her whip up a batch in our bathtub! Ha ha!
Here are some pics from our camping trip. I still have not received any from our friends (they took their camera thank goodness) but here is some of what we caught on Kurt's cell.

We went to Mercer Caverns in Murphy. It was really neat but the lady was trying to scare us out of the tour because we had "kids". She was not very sly about it either but we were not  detoured so much to her dismay we went and it was great. The first couple of rooms she was snapping at us over different things but by the end of the tour she chilled out and was impressed with how well the kids did. In her defense I am sure she gets families with kids down in the caves and the kids don't listen, complain the whole time and don't behave. But not our kids, they did great! This is outside the cave while we were waiting.
This is going down one of the steep stair cases. It was 16 stories down and 16 stories back up. Evan walked the whole thing! 
The one and only thing (besides the railings) that you could touch in the cave. I can't remember what it was called (bad memory again) but it had something to do with twins because there were 2 next to each other.
Playing by the river.
Saturday afternoon it rained while we were napping so when the kids woke up there was a lovely mud puddle right next to the trailer. Look at that face! Could he be any happier? That is all a boy needs - some toys and the mud!
A little family snap shot by the river.
While Kayla is our little potion specialist, Hailey is our little fashionista. She loves to have accessories and gets the cutest little "attitude" walk when she gets something new. It is so cute - for now!  When she is a teenager, I'm sure our opinion will change!
Saturday Kurt woke up and said "Let's go boating". Ummm, that wasn't in the plans for the weekend but since it was Fathers Day, I didn't argue. We called up our friends (who, luckily, are as spontaneous as us) and off to the lake we went. Here are the girls "testing" out the tube.
Flag man reporting for duty!
Cutest darn kids ever if I do say so myself.

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