March 4, 2009

Kurt's dream FINALLY came true!

Kurt has been dreaming about the day that he could take his kids skiing and Saturday his dream finally came true!
And yes, even 3 year old Evan was up on skis - isn't he just adorable. His skis were so little and cute.
He was just so proud and felt like such a big kid! At first we weren't going to purchase the ticket for him thinking that he wouldn't do it but not Kurt's son! Skiing runs in his blood just like his Dad!
Here is Hailey Bailey
Evan was so eager to just "take off". Notice that Kurt isn't quite ready to catch him.
Ready or not Dad, here he comes!
Miss Kayla
The Magic Carpet ride
Daddy and his ski buddy
Nothing tops off a great day of skiing like hot chocolate in the lodge!

The kids did amazing! At first they wouldn't go down the kiddy hill without Daddy right in front of them to catch them but after seeing Daddy ski down the hill, jump and spray them all with snow - they were ready to try it on their own!

Once the girls got the hang of the "pizza", we couldn't get them off the hill. Kayla was the last one off the kiddy hill when they closed the slopes.

I see many skiing days in our future!
Daddy couldn't be more excited!

Here is my first attempt at loading a video. Hopefully it works!
Notice how happy she is at the end!
(We didn't remember that the camera had a video feature so we only got 1 video. Next time we will video more of the fun!)

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