December 8, 2008

Recap of 2008


I can't believe it is Christmas time already.
This year has just really flown by!

Well, I really feel like I cheated with Christmas cards this year. We usually send out picture cards. I always love to get picture cards and am disappointed when there is no picture with the Christmas card. So I apologize if any of you were disappointed when you opened our card and found no picture. I am just lucky that I was able to get them out before Christmas this year. (If you remember I didn't get any cards out last year and ended up sending out Happy Summer cards this last summer).

If you look under August in the Oldies but Goodies column on the right side there is a big summer update about our exciting adventures from the beginning of this year. Since then I have been pretty good about keeping this blog updated.

Here are some quick recaps of our year:

~ Camping in Hollister with Hansen's
(find out what happened to Kaulana's truck)

~ Hailey graduated kindergarten

~ Camping at Half Moon Bay
(find out what animal we were
able to get within feet of)

~ Camping at Olema with Huntley's
(find out what we were unprepared for)

~ Our very own water slide in the backyard

~ Evan decided he was ready to potty train at 2 1/2 AND did it

~ Max passed away

~ Evan started preschool, Hailey started 1st grade and Kayla started 2nd

~ Evan turned 3

~ Hailey turned 6

~ The kids got to shoot water out of a fire truck

~ Hailey was our soccer super star

~ Kurt and I celebrated our 9th anniversary
~ My mom has continued to be a trooper over the last year while battling liver cancer. She has been so strong and we have been so proud of her.
* * * * * * * *
Well, that is our year in a nut shell. Have fun exploring our blog and reading about our fun adventures. Feel free to leave us a comment if you feel so inspired!

And for all of you non-bloggers: you have got to try it! It is so fun and easy! I thought I was blogger-challenged until I tried it and realized how easy it was. I love finding out what family and friends are up to. It is such a great way to keep in touch; especially with family and friends who live far away! Start your blog today! Go to!
We hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


Jared said...

We got the pictures done and sent but not a whole year of pictures or a blog to tell everyone what we have been doing.

Jared & Dianne

Judie and George said...

Hey you guys! We love blogging! Thanks for your pictureless card. We got it today. It's more than you are getting from us this year. You'll have to stop by our blog and take a look. We will be popping in to visit!

Honor said...

hey, thanks for the Christmas card!! I love blogging too. (and with blogs, I think it's okay to not have a picture Christmas card ... people can look at all the pictures on your blog)

Merry Christmas