December 5, 2008

Man, our house is cold!

Okay, so you need to know some info before I tell the following story. Kurt is an extremist when it comes to the temperature in our house; understandably so since he works outdoors and is exposed to extreme temperatures all day long. During the summer he will come home and crank the AC really low so we are all freezing and during the winter he runs the gas fireplace and/or cranks the heater way up til we are all sweating. I, on the other hand, am the conservist and think that if you are cold - get a sweatshirt or a blanket. If you are hot - sit near a fan. So needless to say, Kurt and I sometimes have thermostat battles.

One time during last summer he had come home and then a little bit later we left to go do a family activity. When we returned home at about 9 pm the house was freezing! He had set the AC to 68 and forgot to change it before we left. We had to put the kids to bed in winter pj's. It was hilarious! We laughed so hard. Well since then, he has pretty much left the thermostat alone.

So for the last week the kids and Kurt have been complaining that it is cold downstairs. I have even noticed that it was cold but being the determined one to conserve, I didn't touch the thermostat. Finally today I couldn't handle it anymore. It was just too cold! I went to the thermostat to bump up the temp and realized that the heater was turned off altogether! No wonder it was so cold in here! I had turned it off last week when it was sunny and the doors were open because the kids were running in and out and we were working in the garage.

So it turns out that both Kurt and I are thermostatically challenged! Ha ha! You just have to laugh!

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Mary Allen said...

That's hilarious! We keep our house colder then most I think because I'm conserivst and Brian is cold blooded! :-)

What a cute, fun family you have. I can't believe how big your kids are!