September 22, 2008

In Remembrance of Max

Our beloved dog, Max, passed away on Friday, Sept. 19th. He had a condition where his airway was starting to collapse due to old age. He was like a normal dog when he was calm. It was only when he would get excited about something that he would have trouble getting the air that he needed. He had been doing really good all year but since the beginning of September his condition had been getting progressively worse.

On September 9th, Kurt had to rush Max to the emergency vet because he was barely breathing after Max was running around the front yard. After spending the night at the hospital, Max came home and we had a new and clearer understanding just how serious his condition was getting. We tried to keep our house as calm and uneventful as possible so he would not get too excited again. He lived like a king during his last 10 days - table scraps, belly rubs, extra attention, special blankets and lots and lots of love.

Max was an amazing dog. His personality was like none other. He loved Christmas because he always knew there was a present for him. He would hunt under the tree for it, bring it out and go to town unwrapping it.

He was definitely a huge part of our family and will be terribly missed!
Who is going to eat the kids crust off their sandwiches?
Who is going to eat the extra pancakes?
Who is going to chase the lizards in the backyard?
(Evan has volunteered for this one! Ha ha)
We will forever miss you Max!
We Love You!


Forever Green said...

What a great tribute to Max. I have tears and my heart hurts for you all. I'm sure he lived like a king every day being with you guys.


raising wiest not rising yeast said...

Ohh I love Max too! He IS a good doggie. Is Kurt going to be okay-- that's his boy. You can always remember him when you walk past your table and see the beautifully placed claw scratches on top :) Take care guys! Hilary