August 12, 2008

Summer 2008

We have been very busy this summer. Well, mom and dad have been extremely busy working and keeping up with the kids. The poor kids have been stuck at home a lot waiting for mom and dad to come home. But we have tried to get out and do some fun actvities with the kids!

In April, we went camping with Kurt's sister, April, and her family. We went to Hollister which is kind of east of Santa Cruz, inland more. We had a great time watching Uncle Rick and Cousin Kaulana 4-wheel drive. The kids are standing in front of Kaulana's truck. (This is the best picture I have of the kids for the whole trip! How sad!)

Kaulana had gotten his truck stuck up in a ravine and had to drive it out backwards on its side (see the dirt scrap marks). He was so lucky he didn't damage any more than ripping of the passenger mirror and his front bumper!

In June, Hailey graduated kindergarten. She is so excited to start 1st grade and be on the same playground with Kayla!

Look how big my baby is getting!!

In July we went camping in Pescadero, which is about 1/2 hour south of Half Moon Bay. We had a great time but unfortunately we forgot the camera and have no pictures to remember our trip by. We hiked a trail that went up behind our campground and overlooked the ocean - it was beautiful! We also took a hike at Ano Nuevo, a state beach right on the ocean. They have a trail that crosses sand dunes to go out and see elephant seals. We were literally feet away from them. It was amazing! Man, we wish we had the camera!

Then in August we went camping with our good friends, The Huntley's and their 3 boys (all about the same ages as our kids). This time we went to Olema, which is North of San Francisco and about 20 minutes away from Point Reyes. We went tide pool hunting at Kehoe Beach and found this amazing star fish. Of course it was too far away to touch but it was beautiful to see!

Evan playing on the beach.

We also went hiking in Muir Woods - again, another beautiful location!

On our last day, we went out to the Point Reyes Lighthouse. When we left our campsite, it was warm and sunny. When we arrived at the lighthouse, it was foggy, cold and windy. The kids and myself were dressed in sweatshirts (good), shorts (not so good) and flip flops (really not good) (we were supposed to go to the beach after this). The kids wrapped up in their beach towels and we hiked 1/2 mile in the blowing fog, then down 308 steps to the lighthouse. We stayed in the lighthouse long enough to warm up then walked up the 308 steps and 1/2 mile to the car. We were so proud of the girls - they did an amazing job! It was difficult but we accomplished it!

Another fun thing we have done this summer was to purchase this water slide for the kids. They have been having the best time on it - although it is doing a number to our grass. Luckily, I know a GREAT landscaper!

We hope all of you have had a wonderful summer. We can't believe school is starting so soon - although we know some of you have already started!

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Forever Green said...

Way fun pictures! How fun to go to all of those beautiful places!