May 16, 2017

Christmas 2016

We were invited to join friends for a little Christmas Eve ice skating fun!

On Christmas Eve we had our Hansen family over for dinner. I normally don't take pictures of our food but I was rather proud of this meal. It was so yummy and came together perfectly. Those green beans were to die for! They were just right. I have since tried to make them again but they didn't turn out at all. So glad they turned out perfect this night!

We had cookie decorating for the kids.

I wasn't going to buy Christmas pajamas this year but then I saw these for T and had to get them for him. They say Dear Santa, Define "Good." This little man is always pushing the boundaries so it fit his personality perfectly. This meant that all the kids needed new pjs too so everyone got an extra gift.

Our new stockings. We have had mismatched stockings since we got married but when I saw the paw print on the one stocking, I knew we had to get matching ones for all the kids, including the dog.

Christmas morning:

 A new phone case

 Battling spider-bots

 A new stuffy

 Hailey really wanted a onesie so when she opened it she immediately ran into her room and changed. The girls loves anything super fuzzy! Here she is wearing her onesie and opening a new wallet.

Christmas dinner we went to my dad's house but apparently I didn't take any pictures - bummer.

The bonus this year? We did Christmas for FREE! Yep, FREE! How you say? Well, we have a credit card that earns money back and I had forgotten to look at it for 2 years. We had accumulated six hundred something dollars in our rewards. I thought December would be the perfect time of year to cash those in. When I went to transfer the money into our account, it had a bonus! Since it was a Bank of America credit card and I was transferring it into our Bank of America account, we got a 50% bonus! I thought that that couldn't possibly be right but it was. They transferred $970 into our account. AMAZING! So Christmas was free this year plus we had extra to transfer into our savings account. Now that's the way to do Christmas! Hoping to do that again this year!

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