April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

That's right, today is my birthday. I have had a very nice day. We made breakfast and then I got to walk away and not clean a thing. I got to take a shower without any kids coming in tattling, fighting or banging on the shower door. Then I got to relax the rest of the morning. I went to church and felt very spiritually fed. And now I am sitting on the couch while my dinner cooks after eating dinner (apparently it is taking me awhile to get this posted). I have received many birthday wishes and feel very loved. It has been a very great day.

Which is good coming off this last week. It was a little crazy this week.

Kayla went to science camp for the whole week. She did fabulous! We are so proud of her! We didn't know how she would do but she did great. I think it was harder on Kurt and I to let her go than it was for her to leave. I guess that's a sign of her growing up.

I had a bit of a mommy meltdown this week. The pressures of trying to be everything to everyone just got to me so that day was a bummer.

About 2 weeks ago Trevor decided to potty train himself. It took me about a week to realize that the more I tried to encourage and remind him, the more he would battle me so I gave up. He continued to sporadically tell me (maybe 1-2 times a day) that he had to go but this week he has done really great. Every day his successful trips to the potty increase. Since Friday afternoon he has basically used the potty. He is a little slow after waking (morning and naps) but then after about 1/2 hour or so he does great again. He even used the potty at my dad's last night and today at church. He didn't have an accident at church at all. We were so proud of him. He is still in the "I have to remove every article of clothing when I go potty" phase so quite frequently we have a naked boy running around here. Right now he is in only his new Thomas the Train undies. I think it is just adorable. The girls, on the other hand, don't find it as cute as me. What greater gift could a mom receive that her son potty training himself? I can't think of one!

We also got to attend a seminar at our school this week and, once again, it was great! Dean Forman is the founder of our school and his mentor is Oliver DeMille. Oliver wrote the book A Thomas Jefferson Education and Dean based our school off of this book. Well Oliver DeMille came and spoke at the school. If you ever get a chance to go listen to him, GO. It was great. And it applied to everyone in the room. And it applied to every aspect of our lives. We came home motivated to be our best again. And do the best for our children. Loved, loved, loved it! This was greatly needed after my meltdown earlier in the week.

So that's our week ending with a great big Happy Birthday to me. Now I am off to eat Chocolate Lava Cakes! Yummy!


The Truman Family said...

Happy Birthday!

jared & amber said...

Happy Birthday. So glad your family took care of you and you got to enjoy the day!