March 18, 2013

Motivating Monday

So I thought that maybe each Monday I would share one of my motivating quotes from our door and call it "Motivating Monday." This may end up being a one time deal or I may actually keep up with it. Only time will tell. So here we go!

I love this quote, plus it is really cute with the girl and the butterflies.

Does anyone else ever feel like the more they try to be positive, the more frustrating stuff happens? Am I the only one? Every time I refocus on being a more positive person it seems like I have many more opportunities to "test" my positiveness. So annoying.

BUT so good at the same time. Being positive makes a big difference. I have noticed that the more I smile at people, the more I say "hi" or the more I make conversation with people around me, the more I see people smile, the more I see people feeling like someone was nice to them. I think positivity is one of those contagious things and the more we give out, the more will be around us and the more that will come back. I definitely notice a difference when I am positive than when I am not.

I just wish it was a lot easier when I am tired. I tend to be a grumpy pants when I am tired but I am working on it. 

Try it. Try being super nice and positive to those you come in contact with. See if you notice a difference.

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