October 21, 2010


This is just way too close to home - only 10 minutes!

I was at work when a vender came in to visit and told me that the Galleria was on fire - that someone had set a fire in a bathroom. He gave me the low-down and I was shocked. An hour later, the kids and I left work and went to get Halloween costumes. I didn't think too much of it because I didn't think it would be that bad. But on the way home, we noticed the black smoke. This was 2 hours after the vender had been in and I was surprised that not only was it still burning but it was a ton of smoke. I couldn't resist - the kids and I headed over. (This was, of course, after I gave them the lesson about staying away from emergencies. Didn't follow my own lesson - oops!)

We could see flames shooting up in this smoke:

It looked like the fire was on the other side of the building so I decided to drive around to that side. The fire was more in the middle of the building so we couldn't see it on this side either but Evan got to see the ladder trucks hard at work!

This is the view from our house. You can still see the white smoke and the helicopter flying around. We can also hear the helicopters.
Crazy! And Scarey! And WAY TOO CLOSE TO HOME!


Melissa said...

Wow! It'll be interesting to hear what happened.

Lee and Annette said...

This has totally foiled my Christmas shopping plans. I wonder when the mall will be up and running again...

(this is Jessica by the way. I was working on my in-law's blog and I'm too lazy to sign them out and sign myself in.)

Paul White said...

wow... thanks for sharing the photos..this will be a big hit to roseville economy.. hope they recover and glad your safe..