September 10, 2010

Oh, mountain of laundry

Sometimes when Kurt says he wants to go camping, I am all for it.
Then there are times when I just don’t want to go.

“Why?” he asks. “Don’t you want to spend time with your family?” Of course I do.

“Don’t you want to get away from everything?” Of course I do.

“Don’t you want to go exploring?” Of course I do.

Then why would I not want to go?

This is why:

This is the laundry that I come home with (and there are 2 loads missing – already in the washer and dryer). It will take me all weekend (probably more) to get all this done. So, yes, camping is fun and it is wonderful to get away and explore but the laundry that is created, well, I could do without that! (That wall is 7' wide and the pile is 3' tall - yikes!)

So if you need me this weekend, I will be slaving away with the laundry.
So exciting!

Oh, and I will post all about our Labor Day camping trip once I swap pics with our friends. We have some good stories to share about this one! Stay tuned!

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Judie and George said...

I can really relate to this, and I'll bet every other mom who has ever gone camping can too!