December 16, 2009

The difference of a few hours

What a change!
I can't believe what a great day my mom had. I took her a Jamba Juice this morning and she drank it down pretty quick. Then she had a Mighty Shake. We were so glad to see her "eat" something. She had hardly eaten anything the last 8 days. Then she took a huge 5.5 hour nap in a really deep sleep. When she woke up she wanted another Jamba Juice (which we got for her) and ate a muffin, applesauce and drank an Ensure. WOW! We were thrilled!
Then because she slept all day (9am - 2:30) she didn't have 2 of her pain meds since the morning and she wasn't hurting when she woke up. YIPPEE! She still had a patch on that was giving her some relief but no pills or morphine. She started asking when she could go home - a good sign. I told her that it probably wouldn't be until tomorrow (Thursday) but when her dr. came in at 4 pm she talked to my mom about her pain level and they decided that she could go home!
I am so relieved! I am so thankful!
Thank you to all our friends who brought us meals, picked up kids, watched kids, ran kids around. It was so helpful! I can't even tell you how much it meant!

I am especially thankful for my amazing husband who was by my side the last few days in the hospital and also at home doing all the household chores. That's right folks - Kurt did laundry!!! His all time most disliked chore. (He used to claim he couldn't figure out how to work the washing machine but now I know better!)
I am going to bed one very happy, thankful, blessed, at peace person.
Good Night!

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emily :) said...

YEAH!!! What a blessing :) Such little tender mercies are so appreciated! You (and mom) are still in my prayers for continued blessings :)