October 21, 2008

Fun at Auntie April's house!

My kids love going to Auntie April and Uncle Rick's house. They have the best time there - from pedicures, to crafts, to picking veggies in the garden - they are in heaven. April took floral classes this summer and so last time we went down there, April and the girls made floral head pieces. The girls loved modeling them!

Here is Hailey:

And here is Kayla:

Kayla made her own (with Auntie April's help):

Hailey's found this ribbon and wa-la, gorgeous!

And, of course, Evan was in heaven with Cousin Kaulana's 4x4 truck to work on. Here he is helping him find the short in the engine:
And what job is complete without working on the tires?

Honestly, I am surprised these kids come home with us!

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